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A coarse and loose-fitting jersey worn by the first professional football players to represent England, in the late Victorian period.  In contrast, wealthy amateur players, typically from middle and upper-class backgrounds, provided their own playing jerseys.  Such jerseys were typically constructed of finer fabrics.  

Clive, is an author, a football historian, and a member of the Spiksley family.  He has spent the best part of three decades researching the history of football and the life and career of Fred Spiksley.  Co-authoring the groundbreaking football book Flying Over An Olive Grove: The Remarkable Story of Fred Spiksley, A Flawed Hero has done little to contain Clive's passion for telling the story of football, football history, and Fred Spiksley to as many people as possible and is excited to be using the power of film to find new audiences to tell this unique and remarkable football story.

As a journalist, an author,  a sports writer, and a football historian, Mark has spent several decades researching the history of football.   

Mark has previously worked for the Manchester United Disabled Supporters’ Association and the PFA, helping to mount plaques commemorating former greats in the world of football and beyond.  Outside of sports writing, Mark has worked for over a decade as a freelance journalist, particularly for the Big Issue North magazine on a huge variety of different topics and the publications of Unite the union and for whom he has written a series of popular history books. Mark co-authored the Fred Spiksley Biography Flying Over An Olive Grove. 

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Adam is an award winning filmmaker with a background in commercial photography and advertising, and a career spanning three continents.  Adam studied Filmmaking at the Northern Film School, Leeds; and TV Production and News Journalism at St John's University, New York.  


Rough Jersey is a collaboration of  sports writers, journalists, and filmmakers, which was formed to create discourse through films analysing historical and contemporary subjects in the world of sport, politics, and social affairs...