Spiksley: The Outsider 


Probably the greatest player you've never heard of.   The Outsider 

explores the early history of professional football through the eyes of Fred Spiksley, the Sheffield Wednesday and England legend who was the first man to score a hat-trick against Scotland.


Offering a fresh approach to football history, The Outsider sheds light on our beautiful game.  Using ground-breaking research, this film tells the story of how a mass street game was developed by the public schools and then adopted by the working classes allowing boys from every corner of the globe to dream of fame on the football field.


The remarkable story of a forgotten legend Fred Spiksley provides the key which unlocks a new concept in the telling of football history.  Historians and familiar faces will provide a fresh and fascinating insight into the formative years of the game and what it was like for a young lad to have his life transformed by the exciting new sport and culture of football.

Fred Spiksley is the blueprint of what living the dream could be.


From his birth to his death, Spiksley’s life intertwines football history perfectly, unlocking it by providing the audience with a central hero to champion whilst the story of football unfolds before them.  Every aspect of the game – from the first unofficial internationals of 1870, to the development of rules and equipment – is retold from an inside-out perspective.


Key Themes

The Birth of Football • The Arrival of Professionalism • England Vs Scotland and International Football • Winning the FA Cup • Fame • Inception of the Football League • Coaching across the World • Spreading the Game.

Remembering Early Legends of the Game

Steve Bloomer • Billy Meredith • Arthur Wharton • William 'Fatty' Foulke • John Goodall • Jack 'Baldy' Reynolds • Billy Bassett • Ernest Needham • Jack Madden • Tommy Crawshaw • and many more.

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